The Battle of the Sexes (2005)

152 cm W x 914 cm H (60" W x 36" H)

About the design: By Irina Laird - Tiffany House this work was was inspired by a story that was once read in a book. The knight, fully armoured, as Men tends to be, rides a lion, which is a symbol of masculinity and virility. The Woman, the red-haired maiden, is naked, which despite her vulnerable appearance, makes her armour and weapon. She rides a unicorn, a symbol of femininity, virginity, and healing power. She fights on the side of the Moon — another symbol of femininity. He, on the other hand, advances on the side of the Sun — another symbol of masculinity. Their shields, however, bear the insignias of the opposing sides because, fight as they may, they cannot do without each other. The tree bearing no apple sees no serpent. Or maybe it does? But that is another story, and it is only getting deeper.

The yarns: At the time I was collaborating with Tiffany House making new stained glass orders, repairs, and restorations. When the owner asked me to do this project I was reserved at first, but while studying the design, I grew fascinated with it. On the funny side (now it is!), keeping track of all the glass pieces becomes a challenge when too small and too many (let’s say over 500 pieces). However, making it was a pleasure.

Execution: Copper foil technique; zinc came and frame; glass gems for passepartout; kiln-fired painting; black patina; the detailed execution gives it the attributes of a painting.

Installation: Installed as a copious sun catcher hanging on a large window.

Light play: With sunlight that changes in direction and colour from dawn to twilight, perhaps through a few leafy branches, makes it come alive.

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