Clair de Lune (2016)

38 cm W x 91 cm H x 5 cm D (15" W x 36" H x 2" D)

About the design: Inspired by children’s imagination during the “Celebration of Art” hands-on workshop held at Dalhousie Community Association in June 2016.

The yarns: This marine theme is suited by a rigorous geometrical landscape. Among the sea creatures, it includes a prominent, tangible reflection of a galaxy with enhanced colour strips.

Execution: The stained glass is made entirely from recycled materials (except for the soldering and the frame) that were collected either from our shop or thrift stores around the community. Copper foil technique; 1/2" copper frame; 3D elements incorporated in one layer; copper patina.

Installation: Hanging on a window or a well lit white wall.

Light play: Lit through and reflective light.

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