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Endless Glamour

145 cm W x 189 cm H (57" W x 74.4" H)


Available for purchase

Intended to illustrate the spirit of the Romanian traditions, this stamp-like stained glass meets some of the most recognizable cultural symbols. Once the central image was chosen (paying homage to a beautiful drawing circulating over the internet, perhaps a real post stamp), the dancers’ stature was established in such a way that their charm would dominate the room, catch eyes, and make friends with the visitors. The opalescent glass selection for the dancing figures serves well, making them stay afloat when used in conjunction with the wispy and rather transparent glass background. Cloudy bright yellows remind of the mellow wheat fields of Romania. A passepartout frames them suitably. The vertical border design comes from an iconic sculpture by the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi (1876-1956) called “The Endless Column” — an “axis mundi” connecting the Earth to Heaven. Regarded as one of the most influential artists of the modern sculpture, Brancusi’s famous column received a symmetrical downward extension that further connects the Earth to Hell. Earth must be the golden mean, says Aristotle. The vibrant green of the glass chosen for it, instead of an inert rocky grey as in the original, gives it an organic substance — a living essence. The horizontal borders resemble the carving style of the large wooden gates found in the northern regions of Romania.


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