The Future Memories of a Ghost Town (2017)

86 cm W x 124 cm H x 8 cm D (34" W x 49" H x 3" D); 25 kg (55 lb)

About the design: “The Future Memories of a Ghost Town” is a fusion artwork in an urbanistic key.

The yarns: The Future Memories of a Ghost Town explores the overwhelming feeling of a modern North-American urban architecture. Layers of buildings grow behind, in front and on top of others, larger and larger, in the face of the visitor. Regular structures stand tall and close to each-other. The sky is rather seen through reflections on the facades. Their decorative features are streamlined to nil. The city’s infrastructure pops-up here and there, anywhere. Railways, pipelines, gas stations, car dealers, unloading stations and parking lots make-up the landscape. The nature is dispraised to minimal volumes, gardens are trapped inside of buildings. The black lines of windows, as in a negative picture, are where the life is. Behind them is where the interesting things happen. Economic recession in the oil and gas industry shuts the lights off. No diversification. Viable alternative energy technologies are in the news. The visitor recalls its memories.

Execution: Copper foil technique; bridged layers; steel frame; copper patina.

Installation: Mounting provisions around the perimeter; a sturdy stand or frame is required due to its weight.

Light play: Lit through, plus reflective light by volumetric features and multi-layered structure offer multiple glare and shifting vision with movement.

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