Greek Key (1997)

50 cm W x 120 cm H (19.76" W x 47.5" H)

About the design: This restoration/alteration work was requested by a customer with Greek heritage for a couple of old stained glass windows cased in wooden frames. As every restorer knows, a hundreds of years old stained glass suffers many transformations that affect its structural integrity. The led cames oxidize and become brittle, the putty loses elasticity and brakes, the soldering breaks under thermal stress, the glass’s weight squeezes the cames’ core, making it thin, and gradually, the panel buckles out of shape. Besides, glass’ viscoplasticity increases the overall degradation of stained glass panels. Fortunately, these windows reached me before the damage was irremediable (meaning the cames have to be replaced entirely). I was able to re-flatten them and reinforce them with a couple of saddle bars, and they received appropriate border extensions for the new frames with a beautiful Greek key pattern.

The yarns: -

Execution: Glass border addition; led came; saddle bars.

Installation: Wooden window frame.

Light play: Daylight.

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