The Poppy Stalk (2015)

47 cm W x 189 cm H (18.3" W x 74.4" H)

About the design: Bevelled glass and glass gems; copper patina; vectorial design.

The yarns: Inspired by the poppy flowers growing along the railway tracks in Eastern Romania, this pattern is enriched by the light bending effect of bevelled glass strips. The clear glue-chip glass background brings “fresh” light into the room and causes the poppies to stand out. Looking closer, one can see that the pistils and stamens are bulging out of the stained glass plane, giving a visual effect that is comparable to those that result from the bas-relief sculpture technique. Furthermore, this effect is accentuated by the flower peduncles that are attached to the stalk through prominent knots.

Execution: Copper foil technique; copper cames and framing; copper patina.

Installation: On standard rectangular aluminum mullion with angle brackets and rubber foam strips.

Light play: East-facing window that receives full sunshine all morning until midday in winter time, displaying a very bright and colourful image; at nights, indoor dim lighting brightens it softly, as seen from the outside, combined with reflective colours from soffit lights. Bevelled glass separates the sun’s white light, projecting a rainbow of colours onto the floor.

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