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Sailing Away: the Emigrant

158 cm W x 91 cm H x 15 cm D (60" W x 36" H x 6" D); 37 kg (82 lb)


Available for purchase

“Sailing Away: the Emigrant” tells the story of venturing into the unknown waters of cultural uprooting, au courant time relativity, and desire metamorphosis. There is much to say about the tumultuous journey of emigration and the reasons behind one’s decision to leave his or her native land. From hope and adventurism to fear and despair, however different everyone’s story might be, the emigrant’s cultural cocoon protects and traps him or her along the journey. The new world projects beauty and ugliness in altered ways, sometimes, and sometimes the bare truth stands tall and strong for them. The memories of the past, the pulse of the present, and the spectrum of the future perpetuate the refill-conduct-discharge mechanism with large amplitudes.






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