SG Aggregate (2004-2008)

Various sizes.

About the design: By Tiffany House.

The Yarns: I was very fortunate to meet and collaborate with Irina Laird, the owner of Tiffany House, for a number of years. Tiffany House is a great stained glass, fused glass, and bead making retailer and studio that has been in Calgary for many years. During that time, I had the chance to improve my skills, learn, and experiment with almost everything about stained glass. There were some challenges, but “delightful enthusiasm” best describes that period. If I must pick one, though, it is that old glass is very difficult to replace because of differences in the composition, purity, bubbles, transparency, texture, etc.

Execution: Led, zinc, bronze, and copper came; copper foil technique; new panels, repairs, and restorations.

Installation: -

Light play: -

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