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Space Matters

81 cm W x 107 cm H x 11 cm D / 25 kg (32" W x 42" H x 4.5" D / 55 lb)


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Space Matters explores the make of the universe, from the primordial laws of physics all the way up to the most sophisticated forms, which we believe to be us, the human civilisation. The work is constructed of two layers. Each layer is divided by what it resembles a wavering yarn of a sheet of fabric, suggesting the Einsteinian “fabric of space-time” propagating gravity waves (only that this time in 3D). One shall imagine this scene as looking through the most powerful (never invented yet) microscope, all the way down, at the Plank scale. With the equations written on the background as the understructure for all that exists in the Universe, everything follows. One can begin by observing the wavy texture and the sinuous black glass ribbons as the mysterious forces of dark energy and the dark matter. The came that holds the glass together has a sinuous profile suggesting the massless photons running constantly at the speed of light. Random traces and irregular fragments of colors complete the image of the scattering virtual particles coming in and out of existence. Higher up one level, one can see entities in superposition. Emerging now from the level of the subatomic particles, the nature builds more consistent, more stable matter - clusters of atoms forming crystals and molecules. Now the chemistry begins. Emerging once again, the nature enters the level of biology - from primitive, unicellular bodies, to pluricellular organisms, to intelligence, and finally to the marvel of sentient life represented by the two masks (tragedy and comedy). Space Matters is a tribute to the delight of knowledge, and to life.





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