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Space Matters

81 cm W x 107 cm H x 11 cm D / 25 kg (32" W x 42" H x 4.5" D / 55 lb)


Available for purchase

The best story of all is that which imagines the unimaginable. “Space Matters” explores the deterministic make of the universe, from gravity waves and dark energy up to the most sophisticated form of all the things that emerge from the laws of nature. At first, you can see Einstein’s predicted fabric of space, layered waves that are obedient to the equations (probability wave equations, general relativity, Feynman diagrams, entropy, and many others). Then, you can observe the photons, electromagnetic radiation riding the space fibres. If you have ever been curious, now is the time to grab a measuring tool. The photons got the same speed… from any angle. Some even claim they have been entangled (!). The fuzzy electrons that hover quietly among the other “creatures” are highly prized, despite being super-positioned. This time (and only this time), both their location and momentum can be measured with absolute accuracy, very much to Heisenberg’s disbelief. Then you can discover how dark matter and dark energy fill up space with twirls that are influential and ubiquitous. Although they are neither seen nor touched they play a major role in the game of Mattering - the kind of king who reigns but does not rule. Nevertheless, acquainted eyes may glimpse short-lived particles, and coloured traces of matter are eventually clustering into various Forms. They are often held together, but also pulled apart by stretched and twisted strings of space. Sometimes, they vanish without a trace into the virtual realm, but other times, they snap in hairy loops of nuclear forces held by canny crochets of magnetic filaments that shape the tangible bodies that can be seen floating in Space. Inanimate beings then draft the soup of life, which grows sophisticated into the human Form, which sweeps adroitly from grin to glare. Its spirited existence with abstract thinking power reveals itself to be fulfilled at last.





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