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"...with 2700 current members, I'm not sure that anyone has presented this genre of work to us - until now."

Dene Croft, President, Federation of Canadian Artists

"...your work is beautiful [...] I read it as painting with glass."

Lynne Seaman, Vice-President, Calgary Artists' Society

"Your artwork looks absolutely beautiful in our Learning Commons. [...] Thanks again for this lovely addition to our school."

Shelly G Pynoo, Principal, Dalhousie School, Calgary Board of Education, Alberta, Canada

"It looks fantastic! Thank you so much for this. We have tweeted it out and shred it in our Newsletter."

Kevin DeForge, Supervisor of Fine Arts and Ed Tech for Calgary Catholic School District, Alberta, Canada

"...we met at the Celebration of Art when I brought my students over to the community centre. My students were very impressed to see a 'real stained glass artist' and some of the work that you did. The panel that you have donated to our school is fantastic! I am very happy that it will be showcased in the school in the foyer, as you discussed with our principal Matt Fell. [...] Thank you so much for the wonderful donation."

Judy A Young-Davis, Art/stained glass teacher, HD Cartwright School, Calgary Board of Education, Alberta, Canada

"Glad to hear you've enjoyed my talks. And thanks for sending the images of Space Matters - it's a beautiful piece."

Dr. Sean Carroll, theoretical physicist at Caltech, California, USA

"The visitor’s notes are infinitely rewarding."

"It not only grabs the on-lookers attention, but demands and holds it."

"…exploring the world from a different perspective and opening my eyes to different possibilities."

"A new way to upcycle."

"Very unusual and interesting…"

"I think that your work look crazy. It is made of lots of things."

"Diaspora” Exhibition, Alberta Society of Artists (ASA), Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2017

"Catalin's Art is beautiful and its complexity is streaming thoughtfully through it with a lot of skill and depth. Mystery and mastery together, inviting to the viewer's immersion. It is a pleasure to watch it unfolding. I am looking forward to seeing how it will evolve."

SORiaN (Sorin Cretu, pictor)

"Catalin brought his administrative expertise to the Provincial Council of a not-for-profit charity, The Alberta Society of Artists where he stood as Exhibitions Chair for two years."

Linda Craddock, MFA ASA (President)

"When Catalin Domniteanu first contacted me 2 years ago, I knew immediately that I was working with an impassioned artist who had a burning desire to make a difference through his art. Then, when I saw his arts project at various exhibitions, I knew that I had to collaborate with him. I have discovered that his experiences as an artist continue to enrich every project he takes on. With his ability to capture riveting moments, Catalin Domniteanu is the ideal artist for any project that involve attention to details and creativity."

Daniela Cupse Apostoaei, Producer/Film Director

"I had the chance to collaborate with Catalin a couple of times and even be part at Calgary Home Show with his work. I strongly recommend him as a partner and team member. Catalin is knowledgeable, responsible, reliable and very creative in his work."

Andrei Botezatu, President at High Standard Installation

"I met Catalin a few years ago when he was voluntarily initiating a catalogue/brochure of Romanian artists in Alberta. I was impressed by his benevolence, dedication and involvement in this project, and luckily I got a spot in the catalogue too. At the same time, I came to know his art and his magnificent stained-glass works, and that radically changed my concept of stained-glass. I feel that the term stained-glass does not make it justice to his artwork because his work is more a blend of sculpture, metalwork, brushwork, colour and glasswork, creating volumes that vibrate and speak. His works have a profound message that is beyond our perception and merges with its author's physical and astrophysical passions. Metaphysical, I wonder? The incredible tenuous work in "building" his masterpieces, the different blend of techniques he uses, the intensity given by volumes and textures, and the powerful messages of his artwork makes Catalin one of my favourite contemporary artists."

George Romulus Olariu P.Geo., Senior Consulting Geoscientist MSc. Candidate Environment and Management

"I've known Catalin for over 15 years, first working together at Evans Consoles. Catalin was always generous with his time in helping coworkers, sharing ideas, and explaining technical concepts. Catalin's creative pursuits have always impressed me. His attention to detail and dedication to perfection intricate and complicated works is really fabulous, and are evident in the results! His creativity, intelligence, team spirit and good humour have made him a great co-worker, teammate and friend throughout the years. I would highly recommend Catalin for any project."

Luke Carruthers, Creative Marketing and Communications Specialist

"Catalin is an experienced engineer in mechanical design and project management. He is inventive in determining best options for solutions and retains his attention to detail to be able to work all the way through issues. Catalin’s expertise also allows him to succeed in Project Engineering roles. Catalin combines his technical background (education and experience) with his flair for his art, which is truly spectacular. I would readily recommend Catalin for any Project role as he is an asset that will aid your team."

David Holden, Senior Project Manager at IPECC Solutions

"Catalin has been a great example of a leader to me. With his open door approach to being a part of the team, he has laid out a strong guideline to his standards and expectations. While maintaining company standards, he has been approachable and considerate with each situation he managed. He treated me and the others as a family, helping us each to do our best and keep a positive attitude even in the hardest of challenges. As I have had the opportunity to manage large projects since, he has been a role model to me, as he helped by showing that to create relationships not just roles, inspires and keeps everyone working together. Catalin is just one of a few admired managers that have been a great influence in a positive way."

Michael Pitoors, friend


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