"...with 2700 current members, I'm not sure that anyone has presented this genre of work to us - until now."

Dene Croft, President, Federation of Canadian Artists


"...your work is beautiful [...] I read it as painting with glass."

Lynne Seaman, Vice-President, Calgary Artists' Society


"Your artwork looks absolutely beautiful in our Learning Commons. [...] Thanks again for this lovely addition to our school."

Shelly G Pynoo, Principal, Dalhousie School, Calgary Board of Education, Alberta, Canada


"This looks beautiful, I would love to display it!"

Maria Spagnolo, Principal, West Dalhousie School, Calgary Board of Education, Alberta, Canada


"It looks fantastic! Thank you so much for this. We have tweeted it out and shred it in our Newsletter."

Kevin DeForge, Supervisor of Fine Arts and Ed Tech for Calgary Catholic School District, Alberta, Canada


"...we met at the Celebration of Art when I brought my students over to the community centre. My students were very impressed to see a 'real stained glass artist' and some of the work that you did. The panel that you have donated to our school is fantastic! I am very happy that it will be showcased in the school in the foyer, as you discussed with our principal Matt Fell. [...] Thank you so much for the wonderful donation."

Judy A Young-Davis, Art/stained glass teacher, HD Cartwright School, Calgary Board of Education, Alberta, Canada


"Glad to hear you've enjoyed my talks. And thanks for sending the images of Space Matters - it's a beautiful piece."

Dr. Sean Carroll, theoretical physicist at Caltech, California, USA


"The visitor’s notes are infinitely rewarding."

"It not only grabs the on-lookers attention, but demands and holds it."

"…exploring the world from a different perspective and opening my eyes to different possibilities."

"A new way to upcycle."

"Very unusual and interesting…"

"I think that your work look crazy. It is made of lots of things."

"Diaspora” Exhibition, Alberta Society of Artists (ASA), Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2017

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